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Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Architecture), University of Waterloo, 1989
Bachelor of Arts cum laud (Fine Arts Major), University of Saskatchewan, 1985

   2010   Manufactured Colour, Havana Gallery, Vancouver, BC (juried)
   2008   The Nature of Creation, Waterfront Theatre Gallery, Vancouver, BC (juried)
               Colour as Vibration, Amelia Douglas Gallery, Douglas College, New Westminster, BC (juried)
   2003   Surface, Depth and Light, Studio Blue, Vancouver, BC
   2000   Open/Shut, Yukon Art Centre, Whitehorse, YK (curated by George Harris)
   1999   Fugitive Phenomena, ARTWORKS, Saskatoon, SK
   1998   Community Arts Council Gallery, Vancouver, BC (juried)
   1997   The Prince George Art Gallery, Prince George, BC (curated by Julia Whittaker)
               Garden in the Wind, ARTWORKS, Saskatoon, SK
   1996   Internalized Landscapes, Summer Song Gallery, Seattle, WA
             The Canadian Consulate General, Chicago, IL (curated by Jeanne Braun)

   2012  Sans Brush, Cityscape Community Art Space, North Vancouver Community Arts Council,
              North Vancouver, (juried)
   2011   Scapes, Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, Toronto, ON (international competition)
   2008   Art for Life, preview exhibition, Canvas Lounge and Gallery, Vancouver, BC (juried)
   2005   Painting on the Edge, Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery, Vancouver, BC (juried)
              Heatwave, Agnes Bugera Gallery, Edmonton, AB
   2002   A Permanent Collection, Two Rivers Gallery, Prince George, BC (curated by George Harris)
   2000   Gallery L-V, Vancouver, BC
   1998   ARTWORKS, Saskatoon, SK
              artWORK: A Juried Exhibition of Contemporary BC Artists, Prince George, BC (juried)
   1997   The Canadian Collection at APEC‘97, Vancouver, BC, (juried)
              ARTWORKS, Saskatoon, SK
   1996   ARTWORKS, Saskatoon, SK

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   2000   “The Abstracted Landscape,” Painting Workshop, Whitehorse, YK, 15 October 2000.
              “The Role of the Camera in Contemporary Landscape Painting,” Lecture, Yukon Arts Centre,
              Whitehorse, YK, 15 October 2000.
              Artist Talk, Yukon Arts Centre, Whitehorse, YK, 14 October 2000.
   1997   Artist Talk, Prince George Art Gallery, Prince George, BC, 14 June 1997.
              Creative Workshop, Prince George Art Gallery, Prince George, BC, 16 June 1997.
   1995  “Landscape into Art,” Artist Talk, West End Community Centre, Vancouver, BC, 10 September.

             Town of Naicam, Naicam, SK
             Two Rivers Gallery, Prince George, BC
             The Canadian Consulate General, Chicago, IL
             Private collections in Canada, USA, Germany, Korea and Ireland