We live in a golden age of pigment. Never before has there been such a range of compatible pigments and colours. Many colours are so new that they have yet to be given cultural meaning. This presents unique opportunities for painters working today. I believe that in today’s visual culture, which is saturated in photographic imagery, contemporary painters function as folk artists.

My practice is material based and process-oriented. That is to say the final form of each painting is an expression of the materials used and the means that the materials are applied. Gesture plays a key role. Each painting is composed from three fundamentals of red, yellow, blue plus white; the colour mixing and chance chromatic configurations are encouraged to happen on the canvas or paper. I often paint with both hands in an effort to encourage spontaneity. Colour is more than an aesthetic device: it is a tool that I use to promote chance. The canvas functions as the palette, and the palette is the picture.